Monday, 13 July 2009

Photo tag

As I have hundreds of pics on my laptop, I tagged myself from Girl With the Golden Touch's photo tag
Basically you go to the 6th folder on your photos and then select the 6th photo, post it and explain the story behind it. I'm gonna do a couple though, so I'll select the 6th photo from the 6th folder, then go 12th folder, 12th photo etc

Photo num 6

The album is "Route 2005-08-09" basically just a night out folder from a few years back

This is a photo of my friend Andy's bum. We used to go to Route, a club near us, every Monday, and pose for photos which I'd then put on Myspace blogs(like a primative Facebook I guess) He wanted one of his sexy bum

Photo num 12
Album Route 2005-09-29
We went to Route ALOT

My friend Gareth, with a pint, drinking in the Reg, a pub we always went to beforehand
Photo 24

Album- My birthday 2005-11-17

My friend Kelly on my 19th birthday, out at ROUTE. This was my best ever birthday night out. Everything was just brilliant- all my photos from that night are stupid like this!

I'm not going to go on anymore- every album I pick is of pics at Route. I don't go anymore(it's on Mondays- a school night!) but I obviously went far too much when I was younger

Please do this tag, anyone! leave me a comment if you do, I wanna read em!


AbbieAndBrian said...

im just waiting for the pictures to upload :)
this tag was really fun!

Lisa Kate said...

This is so cute! I'm definately gonna post it on my blog too. & I laughed so hard at that guys butt...what a random pic!