Saturday, 5 December 2009

Holiday nails

I've had some ideas for holiday nails so I thought I'd do a series.
This is red glitter by Barry M

This polish is insane. It's so glittery. I applied just two coats and it's completely opaque. The fomula was lovely and dried really quickly. Totally worth the pain it will be to remove.

Here's a better close up of the colour

I have a glitter green, snowflake and candy cane nails coming up soon

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Anonymous said...

Oh they look wicked for December
Very appropriate babes

Dottie said...

Oh wow!!! I love that colour and all its sparkly glory :) x

Jen said...

I'm so going to have to buy this!

Em x said...

I have this and its gorgeous but such a pain to get off. It also looks really good layered other other colour polishes x

Jo said...

Ill defo be picking that up this week, love it! perfect for Christmas.


Shortiee31 said...

Looks so beautiful but must be so hard to take off!