Friday, 5 November 2010

New hurr- Purple Rain

My hair is definitely looking longer but I just want it to groooow!

Laura came over and dyed my hair for me on Friday. My last dye was def fading and it needed a spruce.

We used L’oreal casting creme in Plum, which is a semi containing no ammonia. I wanted a really rich dark colour but with a nice sheen and I think we acheived that.



Here comes the purple!



In real life it doesn’t really look like either. It’s not as flat as the first pictures and it’s not as vibrant as the flash pictures. It sits nicely between the two. It’s really nice but now I think I want more. Considering using a permanent purple-black to give it a really noticeable tone. Or going back to my red


nicoletta said...

The colour looks fab and it looks in great condition x

Emma Jade said...

Gorgeous! LOVE the colour!

Hanna Elouise said...

Such a beautiful colour - your hair looks gorgeous!