Sunday, 28 November 2010

China Glaze virgin

That’s right, until Thursday, I had never used a China Glaze polish. After seeing the promo pics for their Holiday collection I knew I had to have Party Hearty. On Ebay, I found the Party Hearty set, for £13 inc P&P and knew I had to have it. 3 polishes for £13 (full sized) was such a good deal (they’re normally about £6 each I believe.)

I managed to resist slapping on Party Hearty immediately (it’s not even December yet!) and cracked out Jolly Holly- a beautiful green instead.


It reminds me of Christmas baubles, rather than holly though.

Formula was lovely, really speedy drying time and only 2 coats. I’ve lost my China Glaze virginity and I can feel we’re heading for a long term love affair.


jaljen said...

You canny shopper, you! I got the same set as you from same place. CG is a great brand. Buy more!

Lydia said...

It will definitely be a long term affair! I love China Glaze, and in particular this Christmas collection! Really think I need Jolly Holly now as well! xx