Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dupe alert!

As I mentioned in my ELF custom palette post, I thought the 2 eyeshadows I bought were dupes for MAC Woodwinked and Black Tied. I compared them today and I was way off with Woodwinked but almost spot on for Black Tied.

DSCN0980 (L-R) Woodwinked, Moondust, Black Tied, Dusk

Woodwinked and Moondust are nothing like each other! Moondust is a proper brown whereas Woodwinked has far more golden/amber tones.

However, Black tied is almost identical to Dusk, in fact, I think Dusk is better. It’s what I want Black Tied to be. Pigmented, easy to blend, and the glitter is finer so it’s less chunky than Black Tied.

They look very similar in pan too


So a very cheap MAC dupe at £1.50.

You can buy it here

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