Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Featured Product

This week’s Friday Featured product comes from Aussie- Dual personality Coloured hair protection + shine serum

I got this after dying my hair red last year and it’s been a bit unloved after losing it. I used it before blow drying recently and it made such a difference to my hair. It’s the first ever serum I’ve owned that doesn’t make my hair greasy (I’m even able to put a little through my roots.) It smells good, and makes my hair smooth and soft. Regarding the colour protection- my red hair certainly didn’t fade whilst I used it but I can’t fully say whether that was my hair type or the product.

I use two pumps on my hair as it’s thick, run it through whilst it’s still damp and then blow dry and straighten. My friend has also used it on her naturally curly hair and it definitely helped smooth hers out too.

It’s currently £4.59 in Boots and a curl definition version is also available

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Steph0188 said...

it's 2 for £5 on Aussie products in Superdrug at the mo, just so you know :) xxx