Sunday, 4 April 2010

Removing glitter polishes

I love glittery nails. I don’t wear them that often because of the hassle of removing them. I’ve tried soaking them, rubbing them and nothing makes it easier.. until today!

I had to remove my BYS Glam glitter polish this afternoon and had been warned by Leanne that it was horrible to remove, so i thought I’d test out another removal tip I’d heard- and It worked!

You will need-


Nail polish remover, cotton pad and tin foil.

First, soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover and hold directly to the nail, wrapping the pad around the nail


Then take the tinfoil and wrap this over the cotton pad, holding it in place. Make sure it’s wrapped tightly over your nail

DSCN0110 This will now leave you free to let the remover really soak into your nails.

Leave it as long as you like and then pull off the tinfoil and remove whatever’s left of your polish using the pad.

This is all that was left of my glittery pink nail


No pink polish and just a bit of glitter!

You could get these but this is so much cheaper and uses less polish remover.

Try it, it really does work.



SilhouetteScreams said...

I've been trying to sell my friend on this idea, instead she just paints on glitter polish (which she's lovingly dubbed "stripper polish") and picks it off when she gets sick of it :|

Sher said...

oh thank you for the tip! I wanna wear glitter on my nails more but its annoying to remove!