Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dark side hair

Sorry red fans but I visited my hairdresser last week and I’m back to being a brunette- kind of!


As I needed to have my red covered, I went a shade darker than my normal tone and I love it!  The red isn’t completely covered, it’s going to take a few more goes to get rid of completely but my hair now has a lovely black cherry tone.


Cut wise- I left the length as I’m growing it- it’s far less extreme than it was


So what do you think? Bright red or black cherry?



Bicky said...

Oh I love both but I def think this suits you better with that red top!

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Love both but like the dark on you best - luv it x

Cat said...

I like both the red and dark equally! You'll so lucky to be able to find a range of hair colours suit you, jealous much :-p


Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Ooh I love it. I loved the red too though! You can def pull them both off :D xo

Lauren said...

Both look great, but i'm loving this! x

steph0188 said...

I do love this & I think its nice that the red is still showing too! But I LOVED!!! the red hair, and u pulled it off so well, it was gorgeous ♥