Monday, 12 April 2010

Well loved accessories

I admit it. I am a Tiffany jewellery fanatic. Since getting my Tiffany, not much else graces my neck or ears (I’ve never been one to wear rings/bracelets) but I wanted to share my most worn non- Tiffany related necklace.

This little beauty was from River Island a few years ago. It pretty much goes with anything and I love it’s eclectic mix of charms.


I also really like belts. I never wear them to hold up anything, but I always think they make an outfit. I own ALOT. Here’s my most worn


This wasn’t even that expensive, around £12 a few years ago from Peacocks. I like to use it to toughen up girly dresses and it looks good over playsuits.

Do you have any accessories that you go back to, time and time again?


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BrionyLou said...

I've got a Tiffany post scheduled to go next week - great minds and all that! I only ever wear Tiffany during the day but like to mix it up with costume bracelets/nacklaces at night.

I can't wear cheap earrings which is a bit rubbish because I'd like to mix it up on a night out instead of wearing the same old white gold hoops.