Thursday, 22 April 2010

Eylure Girls Aloud Festival lashes

Look what’s just been released!

Lashed Aloud with NEW Girls Aloud Festival Lashes created by Eylure

Ahhhh! New Girls Aloud lashes. I saw them whilst scoping out the new Barry M polishes in Superdrug and they look amazing.



Nicola has taken inspiration from her sophisticated style and created a set of top and bottom lashes. Silver dust is delicately placed on top of the sharp feathery lash with a subtle silver butterfly perched on the left lash. The minimal bottom lash adds detail and precision to the overall eye shape. These lashes guarantee to transform the look of the eye for a super stylish festival look.



Cheryl’s lashes are a fabulous creation of glitz and glamour, with delicate gold dust sprinkled on top of the defined black lash featuring gold dipped ends. Cheryl’s festival lash captures her unique statement style of glitz and glamour. Perfect for the daring lash lover.



Kimberley’s lashes put a new twist on demure with corner feathers to add a sophisticated edge to a feathery strip lash. These delicate lashes are great to open up the eyes for fabulous fluttery festival look.



Nadine’s lashes are the ultimate girly festival must have. Based on her original lash style Nadine has added a delicate range of colourful crystals that capture the light, reflecting a rainbow of colour. These lashes are great to achieve a subtle but sassy effect.



Sarah’s bright and sparky lashes, like her personality, scream festival party! Sarah’s lashes are full and fluffy with on-trend red leopard print detail. These lashes are guaranteed to get you noticed.

Gorgeous. I’m very tempted to buy them all but I’ll def get Nicola’s(BOTTOM lashes too?!) and Sarah’s.

Which ones do you love?

They’re priced at £6.50 each and available from Superdrug



steph0188 said...

ooo these are exciting, however Im not sure I'd ever wear them! I love the nicola bottom lash ones, they are gorgeous. I think if I wore to buy a pay i'd get the sarah or Kimberly ones though- im going in superdrug today, so Ill see what they're like in 'real life'

SilhouetteScreams said...

Oh my god, I love all of them :D especially Kimberley's ones with the little feathers on the outer corners.

Glitter and Love said...

I have ordered the Kimberly and Nicola ones :) Not entirely sure where or when i would wear them but I will find a place!!

I should receive them today and will post a review on my blog if you want to have a nosey

Lisa x

Leanne said...

Oooh! I'll probably just go for Nicole and Nadine :) xo

Methadone Pretty said...

Heya! Just wanted to say a nominated you for an award on my blog, as I always love reading your blog! I saw these lashes the other day on the superdrug website..soo tempting!