Sunday, 21 June 2009

Wish List

It's near the end of the month so I can't really afford to shop at the moment.

Floral leggings. I would buy these now but they're out of stock :(

Union Jack Bag! This one's from Asos, but I have seen a £6 one from Primark in a magazine, it's not really the type of bag that I would spend a lot of money on so I'll be stalking Primark til it arrives
I've actually discovered that this is on sale for £8 on ASOS, and have actually just bought it. So much for not being able to afford anything, it's much nicer than the Primark one.
The summer sale seems to have started at Dorothy Perkins, I'm going in tomorrow to see if I can see this skirt
as I've been eyeing it up for most of the year. If it's not in store, I'll be buying it online tomorrow night :)

Hair velcro! I have a massive fringe so these are perfect. I've just bought some from Ebay

It was my first time ordering something from Ebay, if all goes well, I'm planning on buying bigger stuff in the future. I mainly want to buy things that aren't available in the UK.

A light up make up mirror. The lighting on my dressing table is quite bad so I need one. I'm watching a couple on Ebay at the moment, but if anyone could recommend a good one, I'd be very grateful!

A 242. MAC was out of them when I last went. I just really want one. I'm waiting for Naked Honey to come out and I'll buy it with that.

My wishlist has diminished slightly, as I've bought some of the bits whilst writing this! I'll try to post some pictures when things arrive.


Em x said...

I saw the Primark bag in store on Friday and its nowhere near as nice as the ASOS one. Loving the hair velcro! x

Shortiee31 said...

I saw those Hair velcro things on Suzit86's wYT and was intrigued lol! x