Sunday, 28 June 2009

Back from the dead haul

I've been really ill recently so I haven't had any inclination to blog or do anything. but I'm back :)
Feeling much better, and I have to sleep sitting up tonight so I felt it was a good time to blog.
Despite saying I had no money, I have bought a few things recently, some I mentioned in my last blog, so here we go.

My Asos union jack bag arrived and my BF picked it up from the Post Office yesterday. I love it, much more than I thought I would. It's big enough to fit my essential crap in it, without lugging round a huge bag.

My Dorothy Perkins skirt. Another sale bargain. I wanted it for ages. I love it. I actually wish I'd gotten it in a size smaller, it falls down further on my hips than I'd like.

Primark shoes. I had to have these beauties. I have the black high heeled pair and I just loved this colour. I got a pair for my mum too. I also bought some harem pants in Primark and I love them. I couldn't be bothered to take a photo as they're pretty run of the mill. They've def been my trouser of choice whilst I've been ill. Very comfy.

Earrings. I go through phases of buying jewellery. I never seem to buy necklaces anymore as I wear my Tiffany one all the time so I just get earrings. I actually bought more pairs than this but I can't quite lay my hands on 'em at the moment!
Hoops are Topshop, others are DP. Both v. cheap in the sale :)


I_heart_red said...

nice haul
I loved the earrings :right one

Anonymous said...

love the bag :)

Betty11 said...

That bag is gorgeous, I really like your blog :)

xxxxx :)

Lauren said...
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Em x said...

Those sandals are fab! x

Lil said...

Gorgeous shoes! I might be trying to pick them up myself soon...

ONiC said...

i love your bag so much muchy

Pinklemonade-xo said...

My addiction for Union jack items continues in the form of this bag. Its amazing. I likes :)
I love the face mask too. I may make it a regular thing now :)
I will defo try the raspberry one, I think its in the pink isn't it. Next time in in Superdrug, Ill loook :) xx

Lizzard said...

Primark shoes! so cute!