Sunday, 7 June 2009


I went to Brighton yesterday with my mum and had such a nice day. I managed to find the MAC shop and was really happy that Style Warriors was out. I just love the packaging and managed to buy a few bits. I also love the lanes, picked up some really cute and REALLY cheap dresses so I'm very happy.
Lush was closed for a re-fit though :(
I'm after a really bright bag for summer. Couldn't find one at all in Brighton, I want a nice big slouchy one, not very expensive in a really bright colour(green is a big choice!) has anyone seen anything that sounds like that?
I've been blogging, infrequently, for a few months now, I'm really after making some new friends to chat about make up and clothes with, twitter seems like a good place to start. If you're in the same position, feel free to follow me-, I'll follow back and I'd love to chat!


Em x said...

I love Brighton, you'll have to post some photos of the dresses. x

Kaz said...

i'm following you on twitter! :D

♥ Indie Cindy ♥ said...

hey Miss Dolly Welcome, hope you enjoy. Hope to hear frm u soon x