Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rainbow Brights

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a few new eyeshadows so I thought i'd do a couple of looks with them, to show them off and help demonstrate the different uses of brushes.

Rainbow Bright

I already applied a primer to my eyes as the colour will last longer. Using the short shadow brush by GOSH(no 3) I applied Passionate by MAC to the first quarter of my eye.
It doesn't look that bright but trust me, it's a really gorgeous vivid pink.

Then using W7 flat brush(no 5) I applied Jaffa and Bedazzle Dazzle powder by Collection 2000

These pigments are really cheap but most have a really nice sparkle to them and come in lots of vivid colours.

The green was taken from the w7 palette I mentioned in a previous post, I can't give you the name as I've left the name sheet at home. I, again used brush no 3 to apply this colour, blending it right out the corner of my eye. I took brush No 6 and blended all the lines between colours, taking care not to actually take any of the colour off.

The blue was also taken from the W7 palette and I used Lotusland and Lilac touch E/S by MAC underneath my eye. I blended a deep blue from the outer rim, to the middle, into Lilac touch and then into lotus land, using my no 3 brush.

Once I blended all the colours, blending the deep blue back out into the green, I added Black liquid liner by Collection 2000(my tried and tested favourite) and MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in Feline to complete the look

Pink orange Look

I wanted to do a quick look to show some of the other new eyeshadows I got recently.

I started with Soft Flower by MAC, which is a really nice peachy pink, and applied it over my whole lid using my No4 brush. Using the same brush, I applied a really pale shimmery peach as a highlight, right up to my brow. I then, used my No8 brush to apply Sunset B by MAC over the middle of my lid.

Then I used brush No5. to apply Jaffa Dazzle Me! pigment to the outer corner of my eye, using Brush No3 to apply Passionate by Mac along my crease, I then used brush No 6 to blend the two colours

I mixed the two colours and blended them along the lower lash line and again, added my usual black liners

Hope you've enjoyed these two looks. Have a look at my previous post to see which brushes I'm referring to.


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