Sunday, 3 May 2009


Hi guys,

I've been having a little bit of trouble deciding what to blog on, I kept wanting to post pics but I'd lost my USB cable, however that has now been found.

I'm gonna show you my growing make up brush collection, just a few words on what I use them all for, and then some new eye looks using the new e/s I bought the other day.

Make up brushes.

I just started my collection but it's growing fast. I went to Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh and bought a MAC brush roll so I can keep them all together and transport them easily

This whole thing rolls up and also has additional pockets for other items.

  1. Big powder brush from Boots. Applying bronzer or face powder
  2. Face brush by MAC. Applying foundation. This is also great for cream blusher
  3. Short round eye brush by GOSH. Excellent for detail on crease and under eye
  4. Flat XL eye brush by GOSH. Good for whole eye application.
  5. Flat 02 eye brush by W7. Use to apply a lot of pigment.
  6. Blending brush by Sephora. BLENDS
  7. Short shader brush by Sephora. MAC 214 dupe. Use to densely shade lids.
  8. Small angled bristle brush. I don't use this too often. Works with gel liners and for eyebrows
  9. Medium fluff brush. Applying eyeshadows to a mid sized area. Mostly use on the mid to outer corner of the eye
  10. Small powder brush. More densely applied powder. Can be used for face or blush
  11. 169 Small angled contour brush by MAC. My blusher brush. Works well with 2 tones to contour cheek bones.

I hope that helps with some ideas on what to use different brushes for. Any questions, COMMENT! I'm gonna be doing a bright shadows post in a moment, so I can show how some of these brushes are actually used.

Love yax

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