Monday, 3 February 2014

Personal- The Great Catsby

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram (sianinsouthsea) you'll have seen my cat. I thought I'd dedicate a post to the new love of my life and give you some information about indoor cats.

If you haven't seen him, may I introduce The Great Catsby!

He is an Exotic Shorthair and a full pedigree. I always wanted a Persian as they are indoor cats and very placid but I found Exotics a few years ago through YouTube and have hunted for one since. He is is similar to a Persian but with short thick fur so he is easier to groom.

I found a breeder in my local area on and went to visit him. It's always best to visit a breeder in their home, see the environment and meet the parents before buying a pedigree.

Since we live in a flat in a very busy area, I was keen to get an indoor cat. Persians and Exotics are perfect breeds as they don't have the street smarts of other cats. He is very dependent, affectionate and playful. He comes when I call his name, loves being cuddled and sleeps with us at night.

As he's indoor, we clip his nails to stop him scratching the furniture, something he has had done since his was a baby and is fine with. I brush him once a week, whilst he's lying on my lap, but he it's currently a nightly affair as he's shedding.

We had him spayed just before he turned 6 months. Although there isn't a chance of him mating, the neutering stopped him starting any aggressive behaviour. He's perfectly happy and recovered very quickly.

As an Exotic, he cries when he eats. Actual tears. We have to clean his face once or twice a day and just use cotton buds and warm water to get right into the grooves of his face.

He is an utter delight and literally the best thing I've ever owned. If you're thinking of an indoor cat and are unsure of the breed, I fully recommend an Exotic Shorthair.

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