Sunday, 7 August 2011

Primark haul

I love it when shops start to get their new season stuff in. I treated myself to a little Primark haul last week and here’s what I got.

photo 1

High waisted jeans. I used to have a pair that I loved but eventually had to throw them out as the zip broke. I’ve tried and hated the Topshop ones but these Primark pair fit well. I’ve worn them 3 times already!

photo 2

This mustard shirt is perfect to throw on when I can’t be bothered. It’s comfy enough to wear to work but still looks good.


I adore both of these rings but unfortunately, they’re both a bit big so I can’t see me wearing them :(

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bangonstyle said...

I am loving those jeans they look great. I have the gold turquoise ring too but I never saw the silver one that's gorgeous! Xx