Thursday, 11 August 2011

Make up shopping


High street haul! My Boots finally had the Collection 2000 Cream puffs in so I had a little spend using my Boots points. I also finished 2 foundations this week (and have almost finished a 3rd) so I also Got Bourjois Healthy mix because I couldn’t ignore the great reviews and praise any longer.



Fairy cake


Powder puff


Cotton Candy


I was totally expecting to love either of the brighter colours the most but actually, Powder Puff is my favourite. It’s a slightly browner nude than I’d normally get but that makes it look far more grown up and wearable. The texture of these is a little odd. Very thick lipstick. It doesn’t go completely dry so it’s more moisturising than a stain. I like them so far.

I can’t comment too much on Healthy Mix. I put it on as soon as I got home, it seems to make my skin look nice ( quick pic below) but it hasn’t been trialled for a whole day yet.


Love all the products so far, big thumbs up!

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xXMaNdAXx said...

I know what you mean I love Bourjois's healthy skin foundation! It's so light but still offers great coverage.I'm onto my second bottle x