Saturday, 6 February 2010

George quick dry polish

Is now only £1. Wahoo! I love this polish so G treated me to a couple earlier (top tip-leave your purse at home, whilst making sure he has his wallet!)

We have Sunset orange, Martian, streamer, frost bite and lavender fantasy.
I deliberately choose bright, pastel shades to cheer up dull days. I'm not sure what colour to try first! Thoughts?


Katy Wilko said...

I wish my local Asda sold these nail polishes! I'm always jealous when I see peoples photos and NOTD's, they're always such gorgeous colours :) xx

Leanne said...

Yaay I have Frostbite and Streamer :) you're lucky you can get them easily, Charlotte sent me all mine! xo

jennie said...

Love the look of these, especially the blue and the purple! xo

Nik said...

Those colors are too cute! Swatches please!