Monday, 18 January 2010

Peep under my quilt

at my new shoes!


I have lusted after these for 2 years and they were finally in The Office sale.  They cost £35, half price from £70.

Check out the exposed zip




Lipglossiping said...

oooh you got them! they are lovely! Did you get the boots too, or were you a good girl?

jennie said...

They are gorgeous! xo

hannahbabeyxo said...

I love them! XO

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

ooh gorgeous!

Loved reading your UD nail polish rant and have just spent ages looking at your new york posts - was it you on Twitter that said you were going back soon? I want to live there! :(((


Em x said...

I've wanted those forever too! I saw them on a Gok Wan show and fell in love, i'm so jealous x

BrionyLou said...

They are gorgeous!

Do they do them in other colours? Black ones would be perfect for work!