Sunday, 17 January 2010



I’ve been a bit obsessed with going back to Paris lately. I was too young to appreciate it last time I went and I’m finding myself day dreaming about people watching, with a coffee and a cigarette.

I love French style, and at the moment I need to find some fresh inspiration for fashion. I seem to be stuck in a rut of cosy jumpers, leggings and Uggs.

My most favourite place in Paris is Montmarte, and I’d love to go back and wander through the streets, checking out the tiny boutiques.

I’ve found some weekend breaks that are cheap on Expedia so I’ll keep you updated if my boyfriend says we can go.

Fingers crossed.



steph0188 said...

oooo, I'm going to Paris in 3 weeks time- I'm very excited! I need something to wear for a night out, thats obv going to be warm but live up to Paris fashion too!
Hope u manage to get back there

Jo said...

I went to Paris around 3 years ago and absolutly loved it, best time of my life. We visited so many places..Eiffel Tower, The Louvre (Mona Lisa is amazing), Moulin Rouge, boat trip on the Seine River, Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as all the markets. It was fantastic. Its a truly beautiful city.


Em x said...

I hope you get to go, Paris is fab x

Phoebe said...

I really want to go again as well, i feel like i just wasted my time there last time.
Hope it's a yes!

Lu said...

Good luck with getting to go. I'd love to go, never been. x

robohawk said...

DOOOO IT. You can get Eurostar return tickets from £59!! You just need to book a bit in advance as those cheap tickets are limited, so go really quickly around popular holiday dates :)

Also, depending on where you get a hotel, just get a travel card for the metro and relevant zones, and you're sorted.

Lauren. X

p.s. Turns out I registered for a blog sometime ago, hence my ability to comment? Not sure.