Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Monday Poll

I love these but I always forget to do them and then it’s Tuesday! Technically it is Tuesday now as it’s past midnight but I don’t care

Taken from http://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com

1. Mood: Irritated. Why are bedtimes so un-restful when my bf is here?

2. Do you read or study with the TV or music playing in the background? I always do things with either the TV or music on in the background. It’s company. Although when I read before sleep, it has to be silent.

3. Do you wear glasses? I wear glasses for VDU(computer work) I leave mine at work as I’d rather go without at home than forget them and have to work without them.

4. Outfit: slouchy bf jeans, plaid shirt and stone uggs. Comfy work day

5. Cold weather — love it or hate it? I love cold nights but I’d rather it was hot during the day

6. Eyes/Lips/Cheeks: Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid liner, cargo lash extender stuff, Maybelline dream mousse blush and bare lips

7. What was the last nice thing to happen to you? I got a new pair of boots from Dorothy Perkins with 20% off :D

8. Something you’d like to remind yourself of today: Don’t get stressed. Not everything is your fault

9. Guys who carry man purses — yes or no? Yes. It means that my stuff can be carried when it doesn’t fit in my own bag

10. Weekly goals: To get everything sorted for NYC. Taxis, money, insurance and visas


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Phoebe said...

When are you going to NY? And how long are you staying for?