Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blog Sale Haul

Everyone seems to be holding blog sales at the moment (it worries me that I’m just adding and adding to my collection!) and you can bag some real bargains! I’ve recently bought a couple of things from Caroline and Laura that I thought I’d share.
First of all, MAC e/s and blush


Fun and Games blush- I wanted this when HK came out and it was sold out :( I love it, new fav peachy colour

Strange mix of colours for me but I really love them all. MMM Stars & Rockets is beautiful

I also picked up a few other things, St Moriz (I couldn’t find it cheap anywhere!) and a 15 pan palette(my CCO has sold out atm and I refuse to pay full price for one!)


When I opened Laura’s package, I also had a Beauty UK palette inside that I haven’t asked or paid for. She hasn’t gotten back to me yet so I’m not sure if it was accidental! I also picked up Snob l/s by MAC from Caroline but I’ve left it at my bf’s. I’ll certainly do a l/s of the moment for it though, I love it!

My friend also gave me 2 Dazzle Dusts she never uses so I thought I’d swatch them up too


We have number 14(Khaki) and number 64(Fuchsia) both of which are gooorgeous.

Link me to you blog sales/ blog sale hauls.



BrionyLou said...

I need to be MUCH quicker off the mark when it comes to blog sales, looks like you got some treasures there!


Nik said...

Great items! I love the swatches!

kirsty said...

Hey, glad you like the colours. I used the green once when I was 16 for prom, and the pink never.

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry for the late reply... I did mean to put the extra in, thought its nice to get something little when you've spent money :) Hope you enjoy xx