Saturday, 26 September 2009

What rocks..and what doesn’t

What’s rocking my world at the moment?

What Rocks

* Strictly come dancing
Oh I <3 Strictly. The costumes and make up are just amazing. It’s making my weekend at the moment and the standard is pretty high this year. Haven’t decided who I’m backing yet


*Girls Aloud Lashes
Before trying these, I hated false lashes. I couldn’t apply them, they irritated my eyes and I was constantly worried they would fall off. I recently took advantage of Superdrug’s Buy one, get one 1/2 price offer and got Cheryl’s and Kimberly’s lashes and I love both of them. The design of the glue bottle is great, the lashes are easy to apply and last all day/night.

P1320_19-09-09 Kimberly’sP2208[01]_12-09-09 Cheryl’s

I know they look a bit nasty but I’m so pleased to pull my Uggs back on. I own tall chestnut and short sand ones & they’re absurdly comfortable. I’m tempted to buy a new pair out in NYC, as they’re selling for almost £100 cheaper there atm. I’m loving the grey, navy and purple ones. Click here to ‘ave a look

*MAC satin L/S in Rebel
Another dark autumn shade. I’ve swatched it in a previous post and it’s the most gorgeous dark pinky, purpley red. It’s quite full on for day (doesn’t bother me!) but I’ve worn it all day at work, to the hair dressers and then a gig. It’s amazing. It’s def going to appear properly in a lipstick of the moment post.

*Barry M Nail polish in Raspberry.
Thanks for supplying my perfect autumn nails Bazza. I’ve seen at least 2 more dark reds that I’ll be getting.


What sucks

* My sore mouth/lip
The part where my top lip meets my bottom lip(the corner of my mouth?) has become incredibly sore and dry and unsightly. I have no idea what to do with it(I’m religiously applying 8 hour cream) but it’s starting to get me down. Go away. Help would be appreciated

*Lack of motivation
Diet wise, I’ve been doing badly. I have 2 more pounds til I’ve lost a stone, and I’d ideally more after that but I can feel myself slipping. Anyone have any ideas on how I can motivate myself into getting back to the diet?

*Honey I washed the kids soap
Biggest let down EVER. Soap bar smelt so nice. Once used with washing? smells nothing like honey and doesn’t make my hands smell like honey either. Boo.

*Blog sales
Bless you girls for having blog sales but they are so terribly bad for my bank balance. I’ve spent almost £60 just on 2 sales. It’s all out of my flat deposit savings too! My feelings are once the place is bought, I won’t be able to afford MU so I may as well stock up now. I’m really looking forward to seeing it all though.


Victoria said...

I also love Uggs. I think the only ones that look nasty are fake ones! I have got my eye on a grey or dark purple pair next.

Tabitha Sheridan said...

It sounds like you have a cold sore coming on hun! either that, or it could be if you have a blocked nose and youre breathing through your mouth at night, it could have just dried up, either was some zovirax or somthing would help! xx

MissDollyGal said...

@ Victoria- I do hate the fake ones but I also think real ones still look ungainly. lol

@Tabitha- that's what I thought too, because it was like a spot first of all, but I showed someone at work, who suffers wuth cold sores and she said it def wasn't one.

isabella said...

i really like your blog's background :)


Em x said...

I'm loving strictly this year. The Cheryl lashes look fab. Hope your lips sorted soon x