Monday, 7 September 2009

Answers to Q & A

I've taken slightly longer than I'd originally planned to do this post but as I said, I had a bad week last week and just felt like sleeping every night!

Q.1 If you could only own 5 make up products for the restof your life what would they be and why? from Cat@catslittleobsessions
It would have to be:
1. foundation because I hate my skin and love being covered
2. liquid eyeliner because I've worn it every day since I was about 13 and feel naked without it
3. Blusher because I'm naturally pale and this gives me colour
4. E/S because I love how it can change my face completely
5. concealer because I have really bad dark circles under my eyes.

Q.2 If you had to pick only one HG product for (each category) eyes, lashes, lips, face, cheeks, etc., what would they be? from Faith120604
hmmm hard one
Eyes- Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner. I've tried em all(being an obsession) and just always come back to it. It's cheap and doesn't smudge
Lashes- I don't wear mascara that often actually. I'm choosing Shu umera eye lash curlers. Got them last week- AMAZING. curl lasts all day and opens my eyes up.
Lips- I still LOVE Color Crafted L/S by MAC. It's just the perfect pink for me
Face- gotta be Revlon Colourstay foundation
Cheeks- Mac Pink Swoon blush. Bright pink? yes please

Q.3 what is your favourite place in the world? Or the one place you could stay forever? from Phoebe
without a doubt, Las Vegas. Amazing shopping, clubbing, atmosphere. Just ticked ALL my boxes

Q.4, also from Phoebe, what top m/u items would you recommend?
I would def recommend Revlon colourstay. It just has such a great finish on my skin and lasts longer than any other foundation I've tried. I'd also recommend Beauty Uk e/s palettes from Superdrug. They're so cheap, portable and have great pigmentation. BARRY M NAIL VARNISH. I now have loads.

Q.5. What kind of music are you into? from Caz
I'm not into any particular genre specifically. I'm very much a fan of most music, my Itunes is so varied. I mainly go to rock and alt clubs, but I'm quite happy to dance about to rnb and cheese. Favorite songs include 9-5 by Dolly Parton, Son of a Preacher by Dusty and Viva las Vegas by Elvis.

Q.6 also from Caz,Where is your blog background from?
I can't actually find the site I got it from :( sorry. If I find it, I'll let you know.

Hope you enjoyed that. Anymore questions, comment on my Q&A post and I'll update this one.


Caz said...

Thanks for answering my questions

faith120604 said...

Thanks! Interesting answers! I hope to see a Round 2 in the future! :)

Lil said...

Hey Sian!
Just thought I'd let you know that I can't make the Maybelline event because my flight's been changed! BOO!!
Hope to see you at the next event though? So gutted!

Emma said...

I love the Collection 2000 eyeliner too. I've been using it for about 7 years

Elise said...

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