Wednesday, 23 April 2014

P.S nail polish review

I've just slapped some £1 Primark polish and was so impressed that I needed to write a review. 

I don't discriminate against a cheap polish and thought this lilac shade was pretty enough to try. Primark appear to have revamped its beauty range with the P.S branding but I can't work out what it actually stands for! The shade doesn't have a name but the code PS2484 appears twice on the bottle so I'm guessing that's its marker. 

The brush is really nice, wide and flat and the rectangular top comes off completely, much like a Chanel polish. 
I was mainly impressed with the formula.  I couldn't be bothered to remove the acid yellow from my toes but this covered it in two coats! It pongs terribly, as most cheap polishes do, but I can overlook that for the lovely shade. 

Forgive the quality of this last photo but no one needed to see my feet! The lilac is soft and leans toward the blue rather than pink. It also matches my Primark bunny nails quite well too! 

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