Sunday, 6 March 2011

Trio of blushes

Benefit Coralista NARS Orgasm Milani Luminous

Like most of you, I’m a sucker for a peachy gold blush. I finally got Orgasm from Product Pixie's generous blog sale and I wanted to see how it held up against my other 2 blushes of the same kind.


Coralista Orgasm Luminous

All 3 are lovely sheer, shimmery blushes. Orgasm, for me, is queen. The gold shimmer is strongest in this blush but isn’t obvious on your cheeks. Coralista has more of a silver shimmer which makes it a lot cooler. Luminous is almost identical to Orgasm (it’s a very well known dupe) but the quality isn’t the same. It doesn’t last as long, and I find it sits in my pores.

I’d quite like to add to my collection still. Are there any more blushes out there?

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Orphin Lasz said...

YES! Peachy blushes are my absolute favorite!They give you such a feminine natural look everytime.
; u ;

I'm sure those will look great on you!

~ Orphin's Domains ~