Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sally’s haul


I was allowed to abuse my friend’s trade card on Sunday when she took me for a trip to Sally’s so this little lot came to only £20!

I had to get some polishes from the China Glaze Anchor’s Away collection. I went with a wish list of 6 and came back with 3 so I was pretty impressed with my self control. I also picked up some pure acetone for soaking off fake nails and cleaning up cuticles and a cheap polish by Nina Ultra Pro (no I’d never heard of them either but it was less than £2 for 15ml!)


Nina- Mermaid. A beautiful pale green with an iridescent shimmer
CG-Seaspray- pale blue
Sunset Sail-peachy nude with a slight shimmer
Starboard- a grassy green.

Watch out for some nail of the day posts featuring these soon.


jaljen said...

I so want Sunset Sail. How did you manage to exercise such self-control?! Very admiring of you.

Suzi said...

Nice choices!

JewlieMcK said...

I love the Nina polishes, they are excellent for the price compared to say OPI x