Sunday, 6 February 2011

Primark haul

Yesterday I threw my hungover self into the shower and went for a little shop (plus a sneaky Mcdonalds and a free piece of cake in Starbucks) I found some rather lovely things in Primark to show you all.


photo 5

Horsey print peter pan dress £6.
Still love horsey prints and peter pan collars

photo 4

Racoon print, leopard print sheer top £6
Really like baggy tops with tight bottoms.


photo 1

Small floral tapestry bag £4
How could I not for £4?

photo 3

Taupe satchel £8
I needed an across the shoulder bag to take to work that was big enough to put my sandwiches in.

photo 2

Brown and cream brogues £8
I couldn’t decide between these, plain tan brogues, and tan loafers.  Primark made the decision for me as these were the only ones left.

I used Instagram on my iPhone for these photos.  It’s such a cool app and I thought it made the post a little more interesting looking.  I’m really happy to be back to blogging.  I’ve had a little dry spell recently which I’m really sorry for.  I’ve had some sleeping troubles which has left me far too snoozy when I got in from work.  I think my body clock is getting used to getting up earlier now so I should have more energy to blog some more! 


PopBlush said...

I love the peter pan dress and taupe bag! Nice haul girl xo

Carlinn said...

I had that dress in my hand! Lol but decided peter pan style collar wasnt for me :(

jennie said...

Ooh that dress is so so adorable! Loving the horse print <3 xox

JadeyLou said...

Yay I got the satchel today! And was so close to the horsey dress as well! Good old Primers :)

kirsty said...

I have shoe Jealousy.

Em x said...

Ohhh that horse dress is fab! I need a Primark trip x

Caz said...

ahhhh those brouges..i neeed them!