Monday, 14 February 2011

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I hate writing foundation reviews, I’m really bad at describing them but I hadn’t read many reviews of this one. I got in on offer in Boots whilst trying and failing to be Boujois Healthy Mix (they’d sold out of my shade) but I’m pleased I did.

The product-Maxfactor Xperience Weightless foundation

How much was it? £9.99 but was on offer for about £7

Where can you buy it? Boots- in store or online, Superdrug

What they say- Luxurious flawless skin - does that mean a thick, full coverage foundation? Not with our new Xperience Foundation. Its weightless formula challenges the look and feel of traditional full coverage bases. It's breakthrough, luxurious formula, which contains natural jojoba, gives luxurious coverage with a surprisingly air - light feel.

What I say- It certainly feels light, almost like a heavy tinted moisturiser. I’d say it gives medium coverage and normally use it for day rather than night. As a lighter foundation, I find it lasts longer as there’s less for me to rub off. A little goes a long way so the small tube will actually last quite a long time. The squeezy tube is really good for controlling the amount you need and the slim shape makes it easy to take out. It smells different to other foundations too, fresh like a moisturiser rather than powdery.
How do I use it? Squeeze a small amount on my fingers and apply. I don’t need to use a brush with this and it requires hardly any blending. It’s my perfect work foundation as it takes hardly any time to apply.

Would I buy it again? I think I would. It’s held up well in winter and I think it may be my perfect product during the summer when my skin needs more help than tinted moisturiser can give.
Any drawbacks? None so far

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