Saturday, 26 February 2011

Just let your feet go clippity clop

DSCN1192 DSCN1198

Belt-New Look

Almost a whole Primark outfit!  My horse print Primark dress is already a firm favourite of mine.  It’s really comfortable but cute looking.  Great dress to throw on when you don’t have much time to style anything.  I’ve worn it quite a few times- to work, to try on bridesmaid dresses and it works for a number of occasions.


Allthingsgirly said...

and this is why I love primark :) x

jennie said...

Ahh I LOVE that dress! So cute! xo

kirsty said...

You look soooo cute in this outfit. Great look on you !! You have some photos on headscalfs on your instagram account. I LOVE these where did you get them from ?? xx

mag said...

This dress is so cute! I love it!