Monday, 30 August 2010


I’m baaaack :D

We finally have the interwebs in our flat, I’m armed with my laptop, full wardrobe and whole make up collection. As I’ve been away for so long, there’s going to be a massive over haul with my blog. I’ll probably update the layout soon, and there should be far more regular and varied posts than ever before. I love the my week in outfit posts so I’m planning on doing those. As my hair gets longer, I’ll def be writing more about styles and I have a storage post coming up too. Obviously I’ll be showing you all my new flat (once it’s finished) and I’m far more into interiors now so fun times ahead.

I’ll start as I mean to go on and all that, by doing an outfit of the day.

Remember my clogs that I raved about a few months ago? Short of strutting round my office in them, they’ve seen no love. I was just never sure what to wear them with. It suddenly hit me at work- a maxi skirt! I hot footed it down to New Look in my lunch break and picked up a perfect one for only £9.99.

Here’s what I wore out on Saturday night- pub drinks with the girlies


Stripey tee- New look about 4 years ago
Waist belt- H&M a few years ago
Maxi skirt- New Look £9.99 current season
Clogs- New Look £29.99 Spring/Summer

This is totally different to anything I’d normally wear but I loved it. The belt and skirt actually gave it quite a 40s feel, rather than boho, which suits my body shape far better. Can’t wait to wear it in the winter with boots and tights.

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Em x said...

You look lovely, really curvy xx