Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lash Blast off!

My most favourite mascara is Covergirl Lashblast. I got some in NY last year and since then, I’ve had people pick me up 3 more as back up.

I was so excited when I heard about Lashblast fusion- an addition to the Lashblast family that promised to lengthen as well as volumize!


I’m actually a little disappointed in fusion. When I directly compared them, I can’t really see a difference from the original Lashblast.

Here’s my bare lashes

bare eye

Original LashBlast



and LashBlast Fusion



However, both make my lashes look fantastic. I always get asked if I’m wearing falsies when I wear it. It does look a little clumpy, which is what adds to the volume for me, but I’d steer clear if you prefer more natural, feathery lashes.

Covergirl LashBlast and LashBlast fusion are available in the US, from most drugstores. I’ve used the colour Very Black, in both.


Fre$h as $he Wannabee said...

oooh I totally wanted to try the fusion cuz im a sucka for lashblast

Princess Fakkov said...

Love it, looks so thickening. I don't mind the slight clumping 'cos as you say, it makes it more volumising. I like that you can see your little freckles by your eye in the pic!