Thursday, 13 May 2010

Interior Design

Hi lovelies

Our flat buying seems to be going rather well now so I’ve allowed myself to start thinking about decor. I like quite simple decor and I’ve decided to go for a mainly black and white theme (like my current bedroom) throughout the place.

Ever since seeing this table in Ikea, I’ve planned a black, white and yellow living room.


Since then we’ve got some yellow pics as they’ll be the main focus, along with this table.


Our pic is slightly different but my mum got it for us to remind us of NYC.


This is the original FAC1 poster. G got an original print from Ebay last year. For those who don’t know, Factory Records was at the very heart of the Madchester scene, responsible for Joy Division & Happy Mondays. This is the poster of the very first gig Tony Wilson put on.

I plan on having the room painted white, wooden floors with black furniture.

If you still can’t picture it, here’s some inspiration





Slight change from my usual ramble but expect to see a lot more design inspiration posts! I promise to do a before and after on my actual flat too.



Lil said...

Great ideas. I love yellow but can't wear it, so I like to get it in to my surroundings somehow. My room at my parents house is yellow and I love it - its a real mood enhancer. Black and white with a splash of colour is always good - very classy Xx

Olivia said...

I've never though of putting yellow with black and white. It looks great though :) Can't wait to have my own place, so I can decorate how I want :) xx

Missy M said...

love the yellow table!

High street + Couture =

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Your house is going to look FAB! i love the ideas you have

Factory.... whey hey... ive already planned a wee trip here in June and cant wait! im a massive Joy Division fan!

good luck with it all xx