Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter decor 2016

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you are having a fun filled day with friends or family.  I love Easter. It's pretty much like Christmas without the horrible pressure of gift buying (I love the giving, just not the horrible shop-crush)  Plenty of food, love and most importantly, decorations.  

This year is the second year I've decorated for Easter and have added quite a lot of new things.  Firstly, in my living room, I tarted up the shelf above my sofa.  This was here when I moved in and I'm not sure if I'll keep this exact one but it makes a nice focal point as I don't have a fireplace.

1. chicken and egg-Lidl (they get some seriously amazing seasonal decor in)
2. Eggs on sticks and egg lights-Poundland
3. Happy Easter bunting-The Range
4. Easter tree-Paperchase
A close up of my tree.  I was given this by a very kind work mate after I told her about my decor.  It's from Paperchase but it's not this year.  Paperchase do sell beautiful decorations though so should have a version of this each year.  The small green rabbit came from Tiger.

All of my sides have had an Easter sprucing.  The tree lamp came from Primark and I change the decor on it every season. Again, everything came from Poundland, Lidl or TK Maxx.

I'm not as happy with my dining room but I'm only part way through decorating it so it does look a little bare.

I added more red in this room to match my dining set and chairs.  I found this table cloth in Tesco and the tea light holders, baskets, and chickens are from Lidl.  My centre piece is a hurricane vase filled with egg lights, chicks and bunnies.  Another kind workmate bought me the table runner as a present.

My baskets are now filled with chocolate eggs and I'm going to start my buffet shortly.  I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and don't feel too sick from eating too much chocolate!

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