Friday, 25 March 2016

DIY Easter wreath

Hello and thank you for reading my first blog post in years! If you look back at my archive you can see that I used to write about beauty on this blog until I lost my passion for it.  I've started to really focus my instagram on interiors and wanted a place to write about my ideas so here I am!

I thought it would be appropriate to focus my first post on my post DIY for the home in a long time-my Easter pom-pom wreath.  Here she is in all her puffy glory

I first saw a how to make pom pom wreaths post in a Christmas craft magazine last year and when I was feeling stressed at work, I ordered some pom pom makers from Amazon.  I found winding the wool round and round really therapeutic and helped with my stress levels.  As Christmas was over, I thought a pastel coloured wreath for Easter would be a good project.  I bought a polystyrene hoop in a local craft shop and set about making my pom poms.  The wool was all bought in Poundland, where they sell it 3 for 2.  I had to make so many pom poms that it took me about 6 weeks in total to make.  You could definitely make its more quickly as some evenings I didn't make any.

The wreath hangs on the inside of my entrance door so I can't comment on how well it withstands the weather. It was easy to make and looks really effective.  I will be on the look out for green, orange and purple wool, ready to make one for Halloween.

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