Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Colour b4 review

I did the stupid thing and dyed my hair black last summer. I've pretty much been trying to get rid of it since but I've been left with black ends and brown roots where I've been growing my hair. I finally took the plunge and bought some Colour b4 when I saw it was much cheaper in Wilkinsons (it's was between £8-9 instead of £11-12)
Colour b4, if you've not come across it, is a home hair colour stripping kit that promises to return your hair back to it's natural colour.
Here's what my hair looked like before

Natural roots, dark ends.

And the dark ends.
I used extra strength as I was removing black, and left it on for a full hour. It's very much like mixing a home dye and applying, I found one box just about did my hair as it's very thick. Apparently the rinsing part is the most important, as this is how the previous colour is gotten rid of. I rinsed my hair for over 15 mins, dried and was left with this.

Comparatively much lighter hair! The box didn't mention whether you could use conditioner afterwards, and I forgot to check so my hair was very much like old rope!
I washed it normally the next day and here's how it's settled since.

The very ends of my hair are still pretty dark but the two colours are now far more blended. I'm a little hesitant to dye over the top, as I think the ends won't take.

All in all, I can see a massive improvement in the warmth of my hair colour which is exactly what I wanted and was happy with the result. I could use it a further 2 more times to completely remove the dark ends but I'm happy enough to give my hair a break for now.

Update- it's now been a while since I used Colour b4 and I haven't dyed it since. My hair is definitely brown rather than black now but I still have darker ends. Should I give it another go or leave it well alone now? Let me know what you think.

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Cuti-CLUE-les said...

Give it a go on your ends. Especially since you have given it a while to recover! You should also use an intensive conditioner. Any brands will do. Boots coconut is really moisturizing though.