Sunday, 29 January 2012

Primark false lashes

I normally wear thick, heavy false lashes and I've been meaning to buy a feathery pair for a change. I grabbed these in Primark whilst in the queue and they are surprisingly good. In fact, I was extremely impressed with quality considering I only paid £1 for them.
Let's see what they look like.

Long but fluttery and feathery. They are very much like the lash extensions which I had and loved. The band was super thin and super flexible. I have no angle to my eyes so I often find it more difficult to stick each end of the lashes down. The lash band was so pliable that they were possibly the easiest I've ever used.
I honestly didn't even bother with the glue, it looked odd and smelt weird so I can't comment on it, but the fact that I'm going to go back and pick up several more pairs for my friend and I, shows how much I liked them!

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