Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New polish and catch up.

Sorry for the lack of face/eye make up posts, I've been battling a cold for a week so my face is not something I want to photograph or put any effort into. I've not even bothered with foundation.

I bought this nail polish last week. It's Canal Street by NYC. I thought I was buying Lincoln Center which is the Chanel Rouge noir dupe but I picked up the wrong one. I'm terrible for doing that. It's pretty, nothing special though and just another addition to the many dark reds I own. I am really impressed with NYC polishes though. They're cheap and really nice quality.

I got a matte sequin top in the Dorothy Perkins sale. It's slouchy yet glamorous. I love it.

I've mostly been eating though. Can anyone give me any tips or help with over eating when stopping smoking? It's all I seem to do (currently eating a Penguin)

I have an Eighties party to attend in a few weeks so I will be sure to post a picture of my make up and my vintage dress. The Eighties are a favourite decade of mine and the thought of striping my blusher is exciting me.

I got some NYC lip stains and a cheap but promising Rimmel foundation too. I may very well post some reviews when I look less like Rudolf (it's not even festive anymore!)

I got sent some coloured hair sprays and gels to try. I didn't think they showed in my hair but turns out they will. I cannot WAIT to try them. I want dip dyed hair.

Hope everyone's doing ok and not letting January get them too down.

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