Friday, 24 December 2010

The most thoughtful present

G let me open a present early this year and I had to share it because it was so thoughtful.
All wrapped up like a Christmas cracker (honestly, I wish I'd taken a photo) were 7 lovely Yankee candles.

A nice present in itself but he'd put a lot of effort into choosing the smells. He went through each smell and told me when I could burn them based on Christmas events.
So I have Christmas eve for today. Welcome Christmas for tomorrow morning. Christmas cookie for tomorrow afternoon. Black cherry and cinnamon for boxing day. Clean cotton for new year's day and midsummer night for new year's day evening. He explained why he thought each smell went with each event.
So I have Christmas eve, already to light in my Santa holder (as seen behind).
Do you ever do anything like this for people? Has anyone ever done it for you?

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