Monday, 12 May 2014

EBay nails

I've been wearing stick on nails for a while now as I love the ease of using the Primark pre painted ones (separate post on those soon) and I love that my own nail art doesn't chip in a few days.

These are my latest purchase 

 I got them from EBay, £6.25 for 600, Link! from a seller called Pinkcandy1005 They come in clear, natural opaque and white. I choose white as it makes bright colours look better. The nails are great quality and arrived within 2 days. As you can't seem to be able to get stilletto shaped nails in Boots or Superdrug, these are a affordable option. 

I also attempted to re-create a nail art look I'd seen on Instagram
The pink is from Sally's. I used a dotting tool to create the roses and outlined them using a black liquid liner. 
They are too long though. Typing at work was a trial today so I shall experiment with trimming them down next time. 

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Debra Bros said...

Can't say I've ever really considered trying DIY stick on nails before. Especially since in stores they arn't too expensive but I'd usually just rather buy a new polish for the price. for so cheap though who can say no? haha Not me. Definitely going to be *trying* to get my nail art on, haha. Hope you have a great day! :)

Deb | Debra Bros Blog