Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Has re-instated my love of make up and inspired me to start blogging again.

I did my own make up for the evening, as the Black Swan and a zombie for my friend Jolene.

DSCN0006 378977_10150346280288282_509758281_8256382_460170886_n

I watched a few tutorials but mainly just did this free hand, using pictures and footage of the scene, and reading interviews with the make up artists who created the look.





Jolene’s zombie mouth was created following Robyn’s zombie mouth tutorial.


I had so much fun creating these two looks that I realised that I can’t just give up on my blog.  I need to put 100% more effort in to it, I want it’s main focus to be on make up looks from now on (with the odd haul and NOTD.)

Unfortunately, I broke my camera at the party so it may be a few weeks before I can take decent pics again but I will try my best.


A Lauren to Herself said...

Wow, you both look absolutely brilliant! x

Carlito86 said...

Aw I love this look hun! xx